Dr. Haim Shem David, M.D, Specialist in Psychiatry


Dr. Haim Shem David , M.D is the Israeli psychiatric board certified psychiatrist (Specialist in Psychiatry).


Dr. Shem David and associates offer wide range of general and forensic psychiatric services. Dr. Shem David offers medication management (psychopharmacology) and various forms of psychotherapy and treatment forms such as hypnosis for his patients to treat a variety of illnesses, including depression, anxiety, panic, schizophrenia, substance-related illnesses, social phobia and attention-deficit disorders.


Additionally, Dr. Shem David and his associates perform forensic psychiatric,, both,  criminial and civil evaluations, including disability, competency, criminal responsibility (insanity), fitness for duty, and psychiatric malpractice, for attorneys and other forensic clients. Their offices are located in number 10 Kehilat Venezia Street in Tel-Aviv.


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